Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing the Ministry Team Calendar!!


Shortly my January prayer letter from CVM will be distributed. At the bottom it says mentions a calendar being developed.

Well, this calendar is now available. If you are a current monthly financial ministry partner, you should be receiving it in the mail shortly. If you have been contributing monthly but not through an Electronic Funds Transfer, please contact me so I don't miss sending you yours.

I have compiled a brief video with the slides of the calendar so you know what you are expecting...  Enjoy!

If you plan on becoming a monthly financial ministry supporter, there is no time like the present, please contact me so I can get this calendar out to you!! 66.44% of my budget is needed yet in commitments for me to reach 100% and for CVM to allow me to move to my hut that waiting for me 7,700 miles from where I'm typing this email.

Divide this amount by $50 and it's only 60 people!! Or by $20 it's only 150 people!! (or $100 only 30 people :-O  ) This letter reaches a lot more than that. So many hands will make light work! If you think your church or friends might be interested in learning more about veterinary based mission work, please put me in contact with them. Or civic groups. Or Student groups. With networking we can do amazing things!! All monthly support until I move goes to my one time needs which 47.53% of that has been committed!! So all that is left to raise is the $20k for my sturdy truck!!

If for some reason you would like to be a monthly financial supporter and NOT receive the calendar, please let me know as well.

Please keep me in prayer as I fly out to Colorado Springs in less than 2 weeks for my training at Mission Training International. I'll be back in Wisconsin in February.

Happy New Year!!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Proud Grandma!

My grandma was excited to show me her new wall display. The local newspaper (Marion Advertiser) ran a feature length article in their Christmas edition on my time in Uganda and my plans to move there! 2,500+ people had a chance to read this! Grandma has it laminated on her dining room wall now!

Also, being released within the week, a 24 month calendar for all of the monthly financial ministry partners of Imperishable Seed! It features pictures of life in Karamoja that I took while I was there this summer, inspirational Bible verses, interesting facts about Uganda and Karamoja, US and Ugandan holidays, and CVM Uganda Staff birthdays and anniversaries. Watch for more details shortly! Sign up for you monthly ministry support today to make sure you get it at the beginning of the year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Progress Update

                                                               Click on the photo to enlarge

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the winner is...

... Trudy from Texas! I recorded the drawing live... and then had a little extra fun with the video :-D

Watch the video here

Thank you to everyone who started their monthly financial support during the month of November. If you are thinking about support but want to know more, please let me know. I would be happy to answer all of your questions about the work God is doing in Karamoja.

I had a ministry partner this past week tell me how they are challenging others to start their support to. They are asking them to consider how much that cappuccino at the local coffee shop is ($3.55 for a small here). Then they want to ask, "If you saw Emily in the coffee shop, would you buy her something to drink?". Well, instead of buying coffee you could send that monthly to support sharing the Gospel overseas! When they were telling me this, I thought is was a great idea. It also piqued my curiosity and I Googled an interesting statistic. On average Americans spend $1,092 a year on coffee.

Please pray as next week I'm having surgery to have a cyst taken off of my tendon on my left ring finger. It hadn't bothered me here in the States but it did while I was in Africa. Carrying the heavy containers of water from the bore hole seemed to be slightly more aggravating than turning the faucet handle, go figure. So it's is coming off so I won't have to worry about it causing me trouble when I move.

Currently I'm working on an exciting project with a friend of mine that utilizes some of the great images I managed to capture during my time in Karamoja. It is going to be a calendar that will be for my ministry partners. current and future. There will be more details coming out shortly. But I have attached the picture that has inspired this idea. It's going to be a calendar filled with amazing sunsets, mountains, animals, etc (I promise no gross photos). Plus, there will be a corresponding inspirational verse for each month. If our design program allows, we are also hoping to add some interesting facts about Uganda, Karamoja, CVM, CLIDE etc. It will include the US and Ugandan holidays. Please pray that everything comes together quickly so we can get this out before Christmas. Please watch for more details coming soon!! God Bless you!

I had a chance to speak to a Bible study group yesterday and a church small group today. I just LOVE sharing with people how amazing God is and how He is using veterinary medicine to share His love with others.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little fun along the way...

Today I was reminded of a great time this past June as I was out in Seattle for the week long Training of Trainers. In her in December Prayer Letter, CVM Director of Training, mentioned a number of us that are either already serving on the field long term or heading there. Two of the stories were from TOT. One was mine....

Emily is also going to Uganda.  She is a single woman who has been working as a veterinary technician for several years but was forced to resign from her job when she developed a severe allergy to the chemicals used in x-rays.  At first it was hard to see how God could turn this tragedy into good, but it was the way God moved Emily into a long term calling to serve by working with the traditional healers in the Karamojong tribe to research and document the use of natural medicinal plants (ethnoveterinary medicine)  passed down for generations. What had seemed a devastating loss of career turned into a cause for rejoicing. Isn’t that just like God, to take what looks to us like tragedy and use it for good in surprising ways?  Emily has just returned from a couple months of preparation in Uganda and is eager to get back full time as soon as her prayer and financial support is raised.  Emily came to the training I did in June and we got to know each other better. She and one of the other trainees faked a quarrel on the lake front and ended up in the lake-just to see my reaction!!  Look out Uganda!   

So here is a photo just moments after our 'quarrel'. The look on face of the 'other trainee', Lindsay, is priceless here. Everyone had just finished canoeing when I arrived at the beach. I had been busy getting my flight changed so I could stay in Seattle after the training to meet with CVM staff at the home office and go through my psychological evaluation. Yes, really, they think I'm sane enough to go to Africa! Though I'm digressing. So I had wanted to go swimming to say I swam in Washington State. So I had my swimsuit on under my street clothes. The plan developed very quickly as Lindsay and I talked. We announced rather loudly that we were going to go canoeing. But I was warned to take of my shoes because the canoe was wet. Um, sure. So we started walked down the dock when she slammed her canoe paddle down, turned to me and started yelling. "That's it, I'm tired of it... ALL WEEK....." I turned, throw down my paddle, and yell back demanding to know "REALLY, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM". As I dramatically stretch my arms out to my sides she gives me a big 'ol shove. I think it was believable for a few split seconds until I surfaced and we both started laughing uncontrollably.

The "other trainee" and I had a lot of fun together. We first met sharing a hotel room together the night before the training. I got in several hours earlier and was sound asleep before she arrived. The afore mentioned Director of Training had suggested we share a room to save money. But then she was worried we wouldn't be okay with that, having never met each other before. So it became a joke that we could really be axe murderers. It's plausible right? Axe murders attending a 'by invite only' CVM training. So my nickname became 'Vic' and her nickname was 'Axe'. It was a running joke throughout the week.

So we also developed another plan. We talked the director of the camp we were staying at for the training in to letting us borrow an 'axe' (yes, I know technically the pictured tool has a different name, but it's all we could get). The last day EVERYONE met in the girls cabin to listen to Dr. Fred Van Gorkom speak. As everyone was settling down I excused myself to go to the bathroom. A short time later Lindsay excused herself to go brush her So there we were, in the bathroom, conveniently the very room we had stashed the axe. A short while later I let out a scream and throw myself at the wall. Then Lindsay yells, chases me through the cabin (and everyone sitting there), and out the door with the axe. HAHAHAHAHA.... good times!

So who said being a Christian was boring?!

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. -Psalm 126:2-3

Yes, we did also learn a lot during that week. But our fun helped break up the intensity of it all!

Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23rd, 2012 Support Update

We are at 25% of monthly support committed now!! Thank you to everyone that has committed to be a ministry partner already. It is a blessing to be able to do the Lord's work with you. It's awesome that a team of mainly Midwesterners is going to be able to impact a land almost 7,000 miles away for the Gospel!!

Reminder.... there is still a few days left in the November challenge! If you haven't yet, watch this You Tube video to learn more. If you partner before the end of the month you have a chance to win an authentic Karamojong item! Warning... the end of the video clip is reported as too graphic for some.

DID YOU KNOW? If 100% of the monthly support was committed NOW, by time for me to move in May 2013, the build up going towards the one time needs would be ONLY $2,455 short!!! So if you are excited about being a part of the work in Karamoja, please start your monthly support today!

Monthly support ($4,547 total)= Salary, living expenses, ministry expenses, insurance, travel expenses, staff expenses etc

One time support ($37,764) = Truck, computer, training, airfare, moving expenses etc

Monday, November 19, 2012

Drawing near to God with a loaded gun...

So one wouldn't think that sitting with a gun on your lap waiting to end an animal's life is really a time to spend with God. But for some reason, for me, it is. I enjoy the time being still, quiet, and just watching His creation. Besides deer the woods offers plenty to watch. Squirrels, crows, blue jays, woodpeckers, turkeys, and even the sun filtering through the trees to the fallen leaves on the ground. Fortunately we aren't trophy hunters, though my 14-point buck from 3 years ago is an added bonus, rather we hunt to fill our freezer.

So this year I had an incredibly fruitful season... on the first day! As I was contemplating it I was overwhelmed by the journey and God's love for me. So let's flash back to 6 years ago!

Deer Story. Part 1
November, 2006

So opening morning I'm sitting out in the woods before it gets light. It starts to get light alittle before 7am. Around 7:15 I see a small doe a long ways away. I don't shoot because it would have been a pot shot and our house was in the distance. So I'm sitting out there watching nature. As I do I start having a deep conversation with God. About how awesome He is and where He wants me in life etc. Also telling Him that He is the Potter and I am the clay. I will go and do whatever He asks of me. As I'm talking to Him I tell Him that I know that He is aware of the thoughts and the intents of my heart so I don't have to prove anything to Him. But I tell Him that if a deer comes through within the next 10 minutes I won't shoot at it. So I looked at my watch and it was 8:16a. Then 3 minutes later I hear something crashing through the woods behind me. There comes 2 bucks and a doe running into the woods. I was like "Whoa, cool God!" So they get to the point where I would have shot them... but I just keep watching. Then 10 feet past that point they stopped. Then the two 4-point bucks turn around and start to fight each other!! That was so completely awesome. This was all happening 30 yards away from me. The doe was standing broadside with her head behind a tree so she couldn't see me. The bucks got down on their knees and everything. Later in the week I was talking to a guy that has been an avid hunter for longer than I have been alive and he said he had never seen two buck fight before! So then I'm sitting there and watching them and I begin to question... now was it just within that 10 minute time frame that I wouldn't shoot or was it anything that I saw within that 10 minutes even if they were around me after that, I wouldn't shoot?? Hmmmmm.... Well I didn't have to worry about it because 9 minutes later at 8:25a they left. Then they ran to the other end of the woods and dad shot at them... AND MISSED. He had just got a new scope on his gun and he wasn't supposed to miss with it. So later he called me on my cell phone and told me that he had seen "Two doe and a 4-point buck." He asked if I saw them and I said "Yes, and they were actually two 4-point bucks and a doe". Then he asked why I didn't shoot... did the gun jam? Were they running? Were they too far away??? I had to answer no to each of those. So I told him that I would explain it to him later. So I did when we were walking to the house later in the morning. He accepted it.... but later in the day and later in the season it really torqued him. We didn't get ANY deer this year. That was the first time in many many many years. So the next day my mentor asked me why did God send the 3 deer that He did??? 2 dominate forces fighting over a weak force??? Hmmmmm... I have had some good contemplation and prayer about this. Especially after 2 people around me out of the blue that they had a dream with me in. I was not active in the dream.... just in the background. But in each situation there were 2 dominate forces fighting over a weaker force. I have been filling my journal with this. Things just don't happen by chance. So that is my deer story and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had an awesome time of worship with God after they left the woods that morning.

Deer Story. Part 2
December, 2006

So on December 21st we got a phone call. Someone we know had gotten some deer and wanted to know if we wanted the meat. My parent's said yes. So several days later we packaged up ~40#'s of roast and chops that had already been boned out. All that needed to be done is the fat cut off, cut them in the right sizes and wrap for the freezer. God is good and faithful!! When I was out in the shed and we walked past the meat, dad said "Did you see the meat?". I said "Yes, see...". He stopped me.. "Don't even start". I said "Sorry, I did already.

See, God is faithful"!!!!

Deer Story. Part 3
November, 2012

So opening day of deer season this year found me out sitting in my stand contemplating that very time with God. It was the time that I went totally all in with God and pivotal on where I'm at now. Where am I at? Hunting potentially for my last time because I will be living in Uganda after this and who knows how long I will live there. Who knows if any of my furloughs will correspond with any hunting seasons after this. So mentally, I was just ready to enjoy this as if it is my last. So right at day break I shoot my first deer!! Amazing shot right through the center of both lung lobes. You couldn't ask for a better shot. We like to preserve the heart because my grandmother LOVES to eat them. So we finish hunting in the morning and process the deer before we are ready to head out for the afternoon hunt. It is just about the end of the day when two deer enter the woods. I shoot the first one. The second one goes for a bit and then stops behind a bunch of brush and a tree. All I can see is the area ahead of the shoulders. I shoot and my aim is true. Right through all of the vital blood supply in the neck. The previous deer I shot had made it a bit further and ran across the road. So we had to talk to the neighbors before we could go get her. After I dragged her out to the road and was waiting for the vehicle to come and pick us up, I had a little party with God. Here I am six years after going all in, having the time of my life hunting. Six years ago I let three deer walk by without firing a shot. Today, I'm in the middle of preparations to move almost 7,000 miles away to go serve in long term missions.....and I shoot three deer. Plus, the weather is INCREDIBLE!!! Sunny and warm (37F-45F). God loves me! I love Him. I'm super grateful for the time He gave me on Saturday. I don't know what the rest of the season will hold, but I know that now we have enough extra meat so I can make some jerky to take with me to Africa!!

May I also add, the hunting in our area is generally down and last year I didn't shoot any deer. 

So we may not know what our future holds, but why not trust God with it?! His plans are definitely the best plans. Even if people think you are crazy. There will also be hardships and struggles, but why not go through them with the one who is your greatest Advocate?!


Reminder... 11 more days on the Imperishable Seed partnership challenge!! Check it out on You Tube... November Support Challenge  *warning... video at the end is a bit graphic for some... or so I have been told*

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Support Challenge and Drawing!!

Short video explaining the item you can win in a drawing if you start your monthly ministry support before November 30, 2012! Plus, there is a special clip at the end from my trip to Karamoja, Uganda this summer!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update on Grandma!!

So I mentioned in a previous blog about what my grandma was up to. She gave me a copy of the letter she sent out to her friends! I thought I would share this with you. I have a handful of people already committed to networking and telling others abo ut what God is doing in Karamoja. Are you interested?? Family, friends, churches, strangers? Contact me and I can get you more information!! Let's keep the momentum going and surprise everyone at CVM with how fast I can meet my monthly support goal!! Have a great day in the Lord!! -Emily/Enakit

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So my grandma's doing it, will you?!?

I miss Africa!

I miss the hot weather, hauling my water from the bore hole, washing my clothes by hand, getting bit by mosquitoes that are potentially carrying malaria, my Ugandan friends, rice & beans, rough muddy roads, and even the parasites in my feet. But most of all I miss being in the land where God has called and prepared me to be a part of sharing His Gospel.

I was just reading in Philippians 4 where Paul was thanking the church for their support. In verse 10 he said "I rejoiced greatly in the Lord that at last you renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it." So Imperishable Seed is an opportunity for you to show concern. But how can you help if you aren't called to move overseas, hate bugs and eating animal intestines?

In verse 14-19 Paul continues in his letter to the church... "Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles. Moreover, as you Philippians know, in the early days of your acquaintance with the gospel, when I set out from Macedonia, not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only; for even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid more than once when I was in need. Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account. I have received full payment and have more than enough. I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

The Bible is clear that the rest church supporting those in full time ministry is Biblical. My one friend recently said "so the person in ministry is basically serving on a salary that is less than minimum wage and they have to raise themselves". Pretty much. Though since I know that God called me, I also know that He is in charge of raising my support. But I can't sit idly by without doing my part. That's why the verse in Philippians is so profound, I need to clearly present the opportunity.

How can you help? So I just got a call from my grandmother. She is super pumped that her granddaughter is following God's call to missions. She is also excited in how she can serve in what God is doing from her own home in Central Wisconsin. She doesn't have much in the to offer financially, but she has A LOT of connections. So she just requested another stack of my brochures (she already ran out of the stack I just gave her yesterday). I have two more requests totaling 40 brochures that I have to mail out tomorrow.

Are you interested in networking for Imperishable Seed?! Please contact me if you are interested in telling your friends, family and church/pastor/mission committee etc. Fortunately this is all about God and not any one person. It's about being part of the task God gave us to reach every tribe, every tongue and every nation. The brochures are a great way to share in what God is doing and present this opportunity to others!! SEE BROCHURE HERE

If 380 people commit to $10/mo I'm living in my hut!! Or the current average ministry commitment is $50/mo so it would only take 76 more people!!! Or only 38 more people at $100 per month! Many hands will take quick work of this!! If the monthly commitments come in sooner rather than later, the monthly support received before May 2013 will go towards the one time needs (training, airfare, moving expenses, computer, and 4x4 pick-up truck -see example). 20% of those needs have been covered in just over a month. Though there is still a long way to go.

In the middle of writing this I Googled something out of curiosity. Did you know that average Americans spend $1,092 a year on coffee at a coffee shop (read article here) rather than making it at home for a mere $120 a year. The difference is $81 a month or $20 a week or $4 a work day.

I know some of my friends are trying to figure out the maximum amount they can afford to put towards support before contacting CVM to sign up. But I would encourage you to figure out the minimum and start with that right away. Then as the Lord leads, you can always increase. I can't buy my airline ticket to move to Uganda until 100% of the monthly support is committed. Click Here to Donate Now

For the people who are visual like me...

$4,547 per month. Seems like a lot. But this includes project costs, office supplies, cost for CLIDE national staff, travel and administration, VISA/Work Permit, communication expenses (internet-cell phone), group medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, emergency evacuation, long term disability insurance, US workers compensation insurance, FICA, international worker’s compensation coverage, retirement, salary, in country travel, food, personal care items, Veterinary Technician License, Vet Tech Continuing Education, membership in Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association and Uganda Christian Veterinary Mission, hut rent, charcoal, kerosene, propane, fuel for generator to run computer, vehicle insurance, vehicle road license, vehicle fuel, vehicle oil, vehicle repairs - ETC. A detailed report is available upon request.

How will you partner with God's ministry to the Karamojong people in NE Uganda?

I'm excited that we get to be a part of the ministry God has been building over there through Dr. Val Shean and CLIDE's relationships and work in Karamoja. It's pretty incredible to know that a veterinary technician joining their team has been a prayer for 10 years now!! Also, remember, everything is communal over there... so whenever you want to visit, you will have a place to stay in "our hut" ;-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First official prayer letter!

My first prayer letter has officially been sent out via email and snail mail. If you haven't received it and want to be on the list... please let me know. Btw... because they aren't use to vet techs yet... the person in the design department decided to add a Dr. in front of my name. So I guess for a month I will have an honorary

October Prayer Letter

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My official brochure!!

So here is my official brochure that has been developed by CVM. If you are interested in handing some out, please contact me!! Though can I say, it's really weird seeing my face on something so official. How weird will it be when my prayer card comes out next month?!??

Don't forget to go check out my CVM web page where my first prayer letter has been posted!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 days at WVMA and beyond

So this past few days I had a chance to be down in Madison at the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association Conference. Also the Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association and the Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Managers were holding their annual conferences simultaneously. Only hours before I left for the conference I received my CVM brochure!! So I was able to hand those out this weekend as well. 60 of them to be exact. Please pray that God will stir in the hearts of those considering supporting this ministry.

I was at the Christian Veterinary Mission booth for 3 days with the chance to speak to over 100 people about CVM. Many of them were hearing of this ministry for the first time. We actually ran out of the handouts explaining the Short Term Mission opportunities CVM offers. CVM sends short term teams around the world to places where their long term field workers already have their ministries established.

I also had a chance to be one of the 5 people to share at the CVM prayer breakfast about the various aspects of CVM. From student ministries to long term service to support of private practitioners here in the States. It was a great time as always. The CVM prayer breakfast was my first real introduction to CVM about 5 or 6 years ago. I had heard about them from Dr Bruce and then grabbed one of their brochures at their booth at the conference. Now, here I am!

So it was exciting to be able to tell people about CVM. You never know where God will have them in 5 to 6 years!! Someone has to be there to plant that seed.

I also had a chance to see alot of vendors and region reps that I hadn't talked to for 8 months now. It was great to be able to catch up and let them know what has been going on since I dropped off the face of the veterinary world in February 2012. One of the reps from one of the main veterinary supply companies in the state was especially happy to see me again. Come to find out she is also a Christian and the head of the mission board at her church. A mission board that just happens to have a budget with a surplus looking for a new missionary to support!! So they are planning on adding me in the next quarter! Please pray for follow through with this.

Another former contact I had a chance to talk to works at the largest state vet lab that we had used. They offer rabies titers for veterinary professionals at the conference. It has been two years since my titer was tested. So I was asking her what the hours for the wellness center was. She took it upon herself to not only tell me the hours, but tell me an exact time to meet her there so she could do the paperwork herself so I would get it for free!! Praise God!! He cares about everything! I'm also excited for every place I can save some money so my one time needs are reduced. That just means I'm that much closer to moving!

One final thing from the weekend. The UW CVMF group is praying about supporting me! That is the CVM student group at the UW vet school. CVM has a student group at each of the schools of veterinary medicine in the States and the Caribbean.

On Monday my first official prayer letter went out in the mail. The electronic edition will be coming out within a day. If you don't receive it for some reason, please let me know and I can get you added to the list! For now, you can view it online.

You can see pictures from the WVMA conference, prayer breakfast and our prayer letter mailing party on the Imperishable Seed Facebook Page.

Tonight I just bought the airline ticket that will take me out to Colorado Springs, CO in January and returning the first part of February. This is to go to my LAST training that I need before I move to Uganda!! It is two back to back programs at Mission International Training. One program is to help with preparation to move to a new culture. The other is training for acquiring a new language. I hear that it is invaluable training! I'm especially excited about the language portion since language learning isn't one of my strong points and  ηakarimojoη is a difficult language to learn. But Dr. Val admitted to me that language learning isn't one of her strong points either... but it seems that immersion has done her well. So I see hope for my future!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for the weekend, my CVM webpage came online!! You can go check it out at You can also find me on all of their general fieldworker pages.... ON THE TOP! Finally.... a benefit to my last name starting with the first letter of the alphabet! (sitting in the front of classes is the downside).

On Tuesday morning I discovered a little visitor from Africa that had been hiding until now.... in my heel... under my skin. Yes, my 9th jigger! This one had escaped my various hunting expeditions where I had discovered and removed the first 8 only a week after I returned from Africa. This one just about completed the life cycle. The mom had already died and laid her eggs. But fortunately they were still encapsulated under my skin! So a needle took care of that. Yes, I disposed of the eggs down the drain so I won't start a jigger colony in WI. But sad to say, this made me miss Africa even more. I think the psychologist CVM had me visit in June missed something.

Now, to top off the week, I'm going to be having surgery this Friday. It should be minor and not require a visit to a specialist. That's the prayer! I have a cyst on a tendon on one of my fingers. It's painful when I'm carrying something and there is pressure on it. So I need to have it dealt with before I move to Africa. So I'm praying that it can be done as an outpatient procedure with my general practitioner. It feels like it should roll out pretty easily. Let's hope the Dr feels the same way. I had the nurse schedule it with the Dr most likely to tackle it themselves.

Be blessed and enjoy the rest of this week that the Lord created! Make it count for Him! Please consider how you can support this ministry. Both through prayer and financial support.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Prayer letter preparation

Tonight a great group of my church family spent almost two hours to fold, stuff, label, hand address and seal the first official "Imperishable Seed" prayer letter. To check out the pictures visit the Imperishable Seed Facebook Page. Don't forget to 'Like' the page too!

!Pictures of Prayer Letter Party!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Official Web Page Now online!

Official news of the day! My official CVM Webpage is now online!! Go check it out!

As I write this I'm at the CVM Booth at the WI Veterinary State Conference in Madison. For pictures please visit the Imperishable Seed Facebook Page-

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I just received a phone call from Mission Training International... they have a spot left for me in their January/February SPLICE and PILAT programs. So I'm enrolled! So now the prayer is for God to continue to build up the needed financial support. It is approx $4,600 a month and $40,000 one time (final number coming soon). I'm at about 6% for each right now. Please pray and consider how you commit to partnering with "Imperishable Seed" even starting yet this week! If you start your monthly support now, it will go towards the one time needs (training, 4x4 truck, moving etc etc) until I fly out in May 2013!!!

Click here to make a donation

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Happily Never After"?

So tonight at youth group we watched a pretty profound video before discussion. I'm glad that I found it online to watch again. Check it out here....

It's small but free! So take 8 minutes and watch it. Contemplate your own life as you watch it. I know I was contemplating mine. From before I listened to the Author through actually listening to Him.

Interviewer:"So you like pork do you?"
B.B. Wolf: "No I'm Jewish, but I hate to waste anything!" ROFL

B.B. Wolf: "I believe this book just happened in a massive explosion of  the alphabet as several cosmic typewriters simultaneously collided together in space at the same time"

But seriously, Jack says something absolutely profound....

Jack: "But you don't even know the whole story, you don't know where your character is going, you hardly know the real you, but He knows all of that. His story is full of the most wonderful and scary twists and turns, but in the end, we will become the real us."

Interviewer: " Perhaps it would be better if instead of trying to create your own story, you simply discovered the story the Author has already created just for you."

WOW.... I so needed this. Especially as I continue to prepare to leave everything I have ever know to move to Uganda. I'm going because I'm trusting the Author and the knowledge of His plot for my story. The fact that this is exactly where I am to go was absolutely clear. So why would I let my stuff or my family and friends or the hesitation of stepping in to the unknown deter me from this. I tried to step outside of the story and write my own. I know that isn't a pleasant place to be. So to God be the glory in this. He knows how long I will live there, what Kingdom work He has for me, what difficulties I will face... etc etc. So now I continue to pray for the ministry team God desires to be built in time for my departure in May 2013.

I haven't received my financial report for my first month yet so I don't know where I'm at in reaching my one time and monthly goals. I will keep you posted though. God is moving and you can be involved in His story!!

Video of the Day: Worship in Karamoja

It's Sunday! Let's remember and pray for our fellow Christ followers around the world! Especially in the 52 countries where it is illegal to do so. Here is how they are worshiping in Karamoja!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Farmers... DID YOU KNOW?!

Farmers can support missions by doing what they do best- raising cattle. You can partner with CVM through Steer Inc.

Steer, Inc. is also involved in other types of agricultural projects including dairy, goats, sheep, hogs and crops.

To learn more, visit their website or call (701) 258-4911

Watch their video

Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: Jigger

Yes, I came home with eight of these in my feet. It's a female sand flea that burrows in to your foot and hangs out there while her babies grow inside of her. You need to carefully dig them out with a needle before they hatch. This is the jigger that was in one of my little toes. What you see is the tip of a toothpick. In Africa... Jiggers Happen! Aren't you glad that I'm the one with the "Go" call from the Lord?!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Facts about Karamoja

1. The region of Karamoja covers over 27,900 square kilometres.

2. The region is mostly semi-arid with harsh climate and low annual rainfall.

3. It is largely savannah, covered with seasonal grasses, thorned plants and occasional small trees.

The large mountains; Mt. Kadam, Mt. Napak, and Mt. Moroto — lying on the periphery of Karamoja have peaks reaching around 3,000 metr
es (10,000 feet) and higher.

4. Karamoja depends on cattle, mining and trading in agricultural produce with neighbouring districts.

5. The Karimojong have been armed for the past 20 years and use the guns in interclan and cross-border cattle rustling raids.

Traditionally, young Karamoja men need cattle to pay bride price. So they often raid and grab cattle from the neighbouring clans.

(CLIDE is active in a successful Peace Program since 2008 using the Gospel (restoration and reconciliation) as it's foundation)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video of the Day: Livestock returning home for the night.

A kraal is an area where the Karamojong gather their herds for safety and protection. 4,000 to 5,000 head of livestock is not uncommon. They take the animals out in to surrounding areas during the day in search for forage and water. The fences separating the individual herds are made from thorned branches. Note the wooden structure in the beginning. These men are lucky enough to have a tarp to stretch out for protection from the rains. The typical shelter is a grass thatched hut. The Karamojong are agro-pastoralists. They will move their herds to wherever there there is food for their livestock.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW?!? You can be part of the "Great Commission" (Matthew 28:19-20) while still living your life in the United States! In fact... the Great Commission is for ALL of us, and not just some. God calls some to GO and others to PRAY and SEND. You can be part of how God is moving in Karamoja by joining this ministry team as I am called to GO! If only 25% of the people who will receive my prayer letter (hopefully coming out in a week) commit to at least $50 monthly financial support; 100% of my monthly ministry expenses would be covered!!! If that commitment was made this month... almost all of my one time needs would be received by time I leave for Uganda.

Please prayerfully consider how God is calling you to fulfill His Great Commission! Please contact me with ALL of your questions!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video: A good road in Karamoja

This is a typical road that we were traveling on. This one was slightly narrower than some.. but also smoother than some!!

Video: Muddy Roads in Karamoja, Uganda

This was a video taken after we passed the worst part of the road. So this was more just a giant mud puddle. Though in these giant mud puddles, there can be holes hidden that will take your vehicle down to the axle.... or worse.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imperishable Seed featured in a Ministry Showcase!

I'm excited to share a ministry showcase that I have been featured on. This is a friend of mine who is also obeying the long term missions call! He is an engineer using his technical skills for God's glory!

Check it out!!

The blog starts out.....

"This week I will be doing a showcase of my friend Emily Arndt's newly launched ministry: Imperishable Seed.  Emily has applied to and just became a long term missionary for Christian Veterinary Missions (CVM) in the Karamoja region of Uganda.  I have been in contact with her since the beginning of this year and we have talked up great things about going into His service... so it is my honor to be given the opportunity to showcase her technological choices.  I also take no credit for any of her choices... I'm sure I might have inspired maybe a few choices but she needed little help with her ministry as she was making smart choices already.”

Monday, September 24, 2012


Take 40 minutes!! It's a great sermon!! It was given by the head youth leader at the church I attend. He has discipled me for 10 years. This sermon was delivered when I was over in Uganda for 6 weeks this summer. I'm glad that I was given a copy of it!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How can I become a ministry partner?

I'm having a lot of people contact me about being a ministry partner, which is awesome. But I still need ALOT more. Contacting me is definitely the best thing if you have interest. This way we can talk and I can answer all of your questions. But maybe we have talked already or you don't have any questions and just know this is the team that you want to be a part of. Also I will be happy to share the financial needs of this ministry.

The first thing you can do is pray. This is sooooo vitally important as CVM, CLIDE and myself want to be completely in God's will in everything that we do.

The second thing you can do is partner financially. Obviously not everyone is called to overseas missions, so those who remain home use their God given gifts and abilities to make money, not only to provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their family. But also to send out missionaries to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us are called to go and make disciples by Matthew 28:19. We all just have a different role to play. I just get to be the lucky one to live with bugs, no electricity, no running water, no paved roads etc :-)

The timeline is to have the large majority of my needed funds raised by the end of the year. Then go to my last 5 weeks of training out in Colorado in January. I will then finish raising any additional needed support (I need both reliable monthly support and one time support for my vehicle, computer, training and moving). The plan is to have me moved over there by May '13. I will then be settled in by time the short term mission teams start arriving in June or July.

All donations are made through my CVM Project Name "Imperishable Seed". My account number is  UCVFWDEARN.

You call or email Dr. Vicki VanGorkom at CVM directly. 206-546-7574

You can make all checks payable to and mail to: Christian Veterinary Mission        19303 Fremont Ave N.           Seattle, WA 98133

You can also complete and mail in this EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer):  Because I'm so newly approved, this form is not updated yet. But just write "Emily Arndt" and "UCVFWDEARN" for the fund designation.

Below is the detailed giving options form that will be going out with my first prayer letter.

Financial Giving Options

HOW DO I GIVE? Along with the Prayer Letter is a response slip which you can complete and return with your donation. You may prefer to give an initial gift or a recurring gift to help support this project, and any gift size is appreciated.

HOW DO I MAKE A RECURRING GIFT? Recurring gifts can easily and quickly be made via your credit card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) by contacting our office at 206.546.7574 or and completing the appropriate form. This form must be returned to our office with a voided check to start the EFT.

WHO OR WHAT AM I GIVING TO? For IRS tax deductibility purposes, charitable contributions cannot be given to a specific individual; only to projects or organizations. Each missionary’s Project Name is listed at the top of the prayer letter and all funds designated to this project are available for use by the missionary in their support and ministry according to the policies of the organization. These policies are in place to protect the intent of your donation and to insure that project funds are used in accordance to the mission of the organization. You may also note the fine print on the bottom of the prayer letters – “Contributions are solicited with the understanding…donee organization has complete discretion and control …”Again, the IRS regulation states that if you donate money and maintain control over how it is spent, then legally it is not tax deductible. However, when you donate to CVM and designate it to a project, your gift designation is honored and reported to that missionary and is managed according to the policies established by the organization. CVM makes notation of gifts given to a project and those funds go into the missionary’s Reserve Account.

HOW IS THE MONEY USED? What portion of my donations is taken up by administrative costs at CVM? The answer to that question is that as your fieldworker begins to have expenses, 17% is charged to provide funds to ensure you receive the prayer letter, to provide accounting and audit support to ensure the tax deduction of your gift, and to provide professional support to help encourage, train, and equip your fieldworker for on going ministry. CVM staff are known for the excellent technical and ministry support and member care which they provide for their long-term veterinary missionaries. This overhead supports that care and communication. Other related administration costs in CVM are covered by a group of supporters, many of whom are veterinarians, who give specifically to our Send-A-Vet fund that covers additional administrative and marketing costs of the Seattle office. If you have additional questions, please contact the CVM home office and speak with Dr. Kit Flowers or Dr.Vicki Van Gorkom.

CAN I RECEIVE THE MISSIONARY PRAYER LETTER VIA EMAIL? Yes, you may choose to receive the missionary’s monthly prayer letter via regular mail or electronically. Please indicate that on the response slip where it asks for your email address.

PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE AND MAIL TO: Christian Veterinary Mission  19303 Fremont Ave N.Seattle, WA 98133

Christian Veterinary Mission19303 Fremont Ave N. Seattle, WA 98133 (206) 546-7569

Can you tell me more about the Christian Veterinary Mission?


Christ’s love expressed through veterinary medicine


CVM’s mission is to challenge, empower, and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith.  CVM also provides education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building, and modeling Christ’s love.


Christ-Centered : All activities have the primary purpose of proclaiming, modeling and glorifying our Lord, Jesus Christ as Savior to our world.

Relationship and Partnership: We seek partnerships based on shared values, which empower all members toward building sustainable ministry.

Integrity and Accountability : We will responsibly use and manage all of the human, natural, and financial resources of our own organization and strive to build this strength in all of our relationships.

Servant Leadership/Service: We will model the servant heart of Christ through motivating, mentoring, discipling, empowering, and communicating with others within our organization, our partners and to those whom we serve.

Training that Sustains : CVM promotes participatory training through which individuals work to identify their training needs and are empowered to ongoing physical and spiritual growth in their relationships with God, themselves, their families, and their communities.

Veterinary Focus : The skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine are used to transform lives.

Equitable Participation : CVM desires to work with all individuals who desire to be involved by encouraging their full commitment, recognizing their gifts and abilities, and seeking the most appropriate application of their skills to the Lord's work through CVM.

Transformation through Holistic Sustainable Development : The goal of our work is the transformation of individuals, groups, and communities through balanced ministry to spiritual, physical, mental, social, and ecological needs.

So who is this CLIDE that you will be working with/for in Uganda?

So a common question that I am receiving is regarding the organization that I will be working with in Uganda. To best answer all of these questions I am posting the description as it is written in their orientation guide. It covers most everything and will save me time in typing out something new.

CLIDE Ministries and Work
Our Development Philosophy  
CLIDE Consultancy and CVM seek to empower local peoples to accept responsibility for their own development.  As we partner together with communities, we strive to work alongside them to encourage and promote the vision that they develop for their future.  Often, it would be much easier for us as outsiders, to go ahead and do everything for the people, providing all of the funds, materials and energy for success of the program.  This ultimately, is a degrading process however, which can lead to an unnecessary and unhealthy dependency syndrome within the community.  Some preventative measures will help decrease the chance of this occurring:

¨      Sustainability of Inputs.  All medications and equipment used in the community training should be the ones which are available in the host country such that the community members could purchase them in the future, when our ministry or training is completed.
¨      Financial Sustainability.  Some fee for veterinary treatments may be charged in order to maintain reciprocity with the community.  It can be subsidized a bit to encourage an adequate caseload for seminars.  To avoid disappointment later, the community members should be made aware that the prices are not the normal ones, but have been reduced for the training period.
¨      Cultural Respect.  Ethno-veterinary treatments are valuable as they help the community to be more self-reliant.  Utilizing the local medicines also shows the community that we respect them as we acknowledge their traditional contributions to the animal health profession.
¨      Respecting Protocol.  Local government and private veterinary personnel are usually invited to our seminars and given opportunity to share their viewpoints and interact with the members.  Community members should be encouraged to utilize government services whenever necessary.
¨      Participatory Training.  When we train community members, we always use techniques that can encourage the locals to contribute their ideas, as they often know things that we don’t even know!  Some of these techniques include:
                Role Plays followed by question and answer
                Games with meaning
                Reflection questions (See, Reflect, Apply)
                Focus Group Discussions
¨      Develop the Capacity of the Communities.  Teaching someone to do something is much more valuable than doing it ourselves.  Visiting vets and students can encourage the community members to do animal health treatments or other activities together with them during their ministry time.
¨      Minimize Dependency in the Communities.  Visitors should refrain from giving random gifts to community members and children (small toys, pens, money, etc. are NOT necessary for making friendships).
¨      Interdependent Relationships.  We encourage relationships with the local people.  Quality relationships are those that are reciprocal, not just one way.  It is good to allow your local friends to assist you in various tasks, such that they feel valued and useful.  Allow your needs to be made known, so that they can volunteer to help you as they are able.  Some gift can be given to them at the end of the week, in appreciation for the friendship and hospitality.  The field personnel should discuss which gifts would be most appropriate and all visitors should agree to a similar standard.
Our Mission
CLIDE Consultancy’s mission is “To Empower Community Groups, Churches and Organizations For Sustainable Socio – Economic Transformation and Wholistic Healing Through an Integrated Livestock Development Approach”.

This Mission has several Key Phrases which define us and indicate the purposes for which we have created this Organisation:
  1. Empowering Community Groups, Churches and Orgaisations – As Consultants, we see our ministry focused on others.  We exist to empower them to be all that the Lord has for them.  We agree with the idea of John the Baptist, we will decrease, that they may increase.  As we assist them to stand stronger, by building their capacity, their resources and their confidence, we hope that they are then enabled to move to a new level of organizational growth and productivity.  These groups and organizations can include Community Associations, CBOs, NGOs, churches, Christian Ministries, etc.
  2. For Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation -  Working with the poor and vulnerable, we strive for sustainable impact in the lives of those we work with.  We focus our efforts on helping others to overcome psychological dependency, poverty and lack of skills such that they can grow towards living sustainable livelihoods and producing sustainable results.
  3. Wholistic Healing.  We believe in dealing with the whole person, not just looking at their physical needs, but also understanding their spiritual, psychological, educational, social and economic needs, as they are all inter-related.  As an evangelistic Christ-Centred organization, we will also endeavor to point people to Christ through our ministries and personal lives.  We believe that this can have the biggest impact in transforming lives of those in the Community Groups and Organisations we serve.
  4. Through an Integrated Livestock Development Approach – We have seen over time that livestock are a vital element in the lives of the rural poor, providing a source of food as well as income, social status, traction, hides and skins and transport.  Because of this vital role, we seek to use livestock as the entry point for our development interventions.

Our Core Values:
As Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we feel drawn to express our faith in our actions and in how we work out our ministries.   The following values that we follow, which are the core foundation to our Team:
  1. Long Term Relationships.  We desire to encourage one another and stimulate one another to love and good works through our relationships with each other and our beneficiaries.
  2. Spiritual Values.  As a Christian NGO, dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus, we strive to demonstrate lives of worship and love in our relationships with one another, as well as with the communities and various groups, NGOs and Government workers.  Christ is the centre of our Team and the Bible is our guide in ministry.
  3. Poverty Reduction.  We follow Biblical mandate to care for the poor and needy. 
  4. Capacity Building.  We believe that the poor and needy will benefit the most through capacity building to give them greater opportunities for life change.  We also believe that in order to provide quality services, we ourselves must develop our capacities as well.
  5. Integrity and Accountability.  We desire to demonstrate holiness and righteousness in the ways that we do our finances and accountability.
  6. Quality Work.   In all of our staffing and ministries we desire to strive to maintain high professional standards while ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability in the general running of the organisation.
  7. Veterinary Focus.  We use our veterinary skills as a entry point to development
  8. Partnership.  We are consultants who desire to build up our partners and collegues.
  9. Social Transformation.  We understand that at the heart of development is the need for a transformational movement which creates new paradigms for life and living.
  10. Team Spirit.  We consider ourselves one body and strive to honour, support and encourage each part.
  11. Indigenous Knowledge.  We believe that all people have valuable and valid knowledge and wisdom which can be used as a strong foundation on which to build their future development. 

Our Ministries:
Based on these Values, we have developed many different ministries as a Team.
  1. 1.        Livestock Programmes
    1. Training of Livestock Keepers and CAHWs (Community Animal Health Workers)
    2. Provision of Livestock Revolving Loans to OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) and other Vulnerable Families and Widows
    3. Networking with UCVM and Makerere University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in continuing veterinary education programmes
    4. Training, Research and Development of Ethno-Veterinary Medicines
    5. Agro-Forestry for herbal veterinary medicines
  2. 2.      Children’s Programmes
a.Sponsorships for School Children
  1. Semi-Annual Spiritual Retreats for Sponsored Children
  2. c.     Bible Clubs in schools
  3. Agriculture and Livestock Clubs and Projects in Schools
  4. 3.      Peace Programmes
    1. Peace Building between Warring Tribes
    2. Medical Ministries in Peace Villages
    3. Water Projects in Peace Villages
    4. Agricultural Projects in Peace Villages
  5. 4.      Spiritual Programmes
    1. Evangelistic Outreaches
    2. Development of Discipleship materials
    3. Discipleship training and empowerment
  6. 5.      HIV/AIDS Education Programmes
    1. Training in HIV/AIDS
    2. Support for HIV/AIDS effected families
  7. 6.      Micro-Enterprise Development
    1. Crafts
    2. Leather tanning
  8. 7.       Disaster Relief and Food for Work

We welcome visitors to assist with any of these ministries and have seen excellent outcomes from joining our hearts together in these outreaches

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What possessed you to decide to move to Africa?

So I'm moving to Africa.

How on earth did that happen? 

That's a pretty good question that I have been pondering myself as well recently. I mean, what American decides to leave electricity, stable income, running water, clean water, a big house, smooth roads, air conditioning, endless varieties of food, endless supplies of food, CHEESE, automatic clothes washers, refrigeration, fast internet, friends, family.... well the list could go on. Don't forget the lack of disease and parasites.

One major turning point was April 3rd, 2002 when I told God that I was sick of trying to run my life myself. I knew I couldn't be good enough on my own. In fact, my life was pretty messed up and full of sin. So I accepted the free gift of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and began my new life as a child of God. So from there I began pursuing God and learning more and more about Him. Just like any relationship, you need to invest time in to it for it to grow and strengthen.

As God began taking the junk out of my life, He began putting good stuff in. From Bible Studies to mentors. Then I started getting involved in church ministries. Not out of duty or obligation, but because I wanted to share this Good News and Hope with others. Over time I have been involved with the Youth Group, Children's Church, Prayer Ministry and even served as the church Financial Secretary for 3 years. But then what?

I believe it was in the summer of 2006 when I was out mowing lawn on the riding lawnmower when I heard God ask me, "If someone asked you to go to India, would you?" It wasn't an audible voice, but I knew that it was God. Within a week a friend of mine asked me out of the blue if I would ever consider going to India on a mission trip. That trip has never developed due to their spouse's failing health. BUT… the seeds were planted.

Then in November of 2006 I was out deer hunting and I was having a conversation with God. I told Him that my life was His completely and I would follow where ever He leads. I said that to show my commitment to Him I wouldn't shoot anything that came by within the next 10 minutes. Well, I’m sure you can guess the next part. So 3 deer come within 40 yards of my stand. 2 bucks and a doe. They stop RIGHT in front of me…. and the bucks fight each other. It was absolutely amazing to watch. Then 8 minutes after I had first looked at my watch, they left. 

Missions has just been on my heart more and more ever since. I can’t get enough of listening to missionaries talk. Reading books they have written. From the happy ones to the ones filled with tales of captivity, torture and martyrdom. 

But how do you really know you have been called to missions if you haven't served in missions before? Well, I went on a month long trip to Guatemala in 2009. Then again in 2010. During that trip we also spent some time in Honduras. Then I took two shorter trips to Guatemala. One in June of 2011 and the last one December of 2011. Each trip to Guatemala concretes this within me. Some of my close friends began to act more surprised every time I returned to the States.

So I researched about a dozen mission organizations. I was pretty convinced that I wanted to serve with the Christian Veterinary Mission, even to the point of pursuing and taking the Veterinary Technician National Exam to receive my certification. At the party to celebrate this accomplishment, I even had people give their financial gifts to CVM instead of accepting them myself. 

But what if there was a better organization for me. So I looked at YWAM, Wycliffe, SIM, AIM, World Race, World Team, Reach Global, Global Frontier Missions, New Tribes Missions, Pioneers and several others. After each email or phone call with a representative I was always drawn back to CVM. Not just because of their veterinary focus, but because they seemed to touch on every level of missionary preparation, support and care. Other organizations always seemed to be missing one small part or another.

So I pursued service with them. Many of you are aware of this part of the journey. From going to Kansas City last year to attend their long term missions introduction/training to heading off on the road trip to Virginia this spring to sharpen my livestock skills with the FARM course. Then off to Seattle this past June for the Training of Trainers. Plus, going through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement last winter.

Now I have returned from Uganda and I'm praying daily to accept God's timing on when I return. If it were up to me I would have jumped back on the plane yesterday. But there are still a few more things to do in the process. One of which is raising up my ministry support team. Both prayer and financial. At the time of writing this, my account is still being set up by CVM. So if the Lord is leading you to make a contribution, contact me and I will let you know as soon as it's activated!

I will be taking another online class this winter. A survey of the Old and New Testament plus maybe a basic Theology course for fun. When my financial support is just about raised, I will head off to Colorado Springs for 5 weeks for the Mission Training International's courses that prepare missionaries to better learn a new language and a new culture.

Even though the rest of this process has taken years, we (myself and my new team members in Uganda) are really praying that God provides by May 2013. Then there would be a "Research Assistant" to assist with the short term shuttle groups of vets, vet techs, vet students and others that come throughout the summer.

But realistically, this could all happen very quickly. With my monthly needs, it would only take 365 of my closest friends committing to be ministry partners for one day of the year. To partner for that one day, they would commit to a monthly contribution of $12.65 a month. It costs more to go to a movie by yourself. And that's even choosing between popcorn or a soft drink. Getting both would cost more. So as soon as my account is set up, I will let you know!!! Oh wait, I said that already :-P

If you have more questions or comments. Feel free to leave a comment, email, call, Facebook, snail mail, text message, smoke signals....I WILL REPLY!!!! I have enjoyed connecting with friends I haven't talked to in awhile... and meeting new friends as well!