Saturday, February 4, 2012

Perspectives on Life

Hahaha.... I've been digging through some stuff and stumbled across this. I think I wrote it about ten years ago. I figured my mom would appreciate it!!
The leaves on the trees were rustling in the breeze, indicating the inevitable approach of fall. Sunshine was sparkling off of the ripples on the water. In the distance, boats were spread along the shoreline with their occupants in search of "that elusive lunker". One couldn't ask for a nicer setting to start their academic career. It's not often the classroom is so vast and spectacular.

"Hold that thought, I think I got a bite", I say excitedly, having just felt a fish nibble on my hook. My mother, who is doubling as my teacher, looks up from the book she has been reading about lady bugs. After the excitement subsides, my first day of grade school continues.

Albeit more flexible, not every school day starts like this. Home schooling isn't nearly as different as some may think The atmosphere is the largest contrast. Though most days found me sitting at a desk, staring in to space, contemplating various problems. Just like every other student.

Though unlike the majority of school children the concepts of wild bus rides, cafeteria food fights, the PE shower room and social "clicks" still remain foreign. If a person goes through life having never experienced said social interactions, can they succeed?

Home schoolers, though generally gaining more acceptance, are thought to be socially inept. Where does this stereo-type derive from? That would be as accurate as assuming all public high school girls WILL be pregnant before they graduate.

I myself am very grateful for my mother's sacrifice so I could have an excellent education!!