Sunday, July 29, 2007

Step into God's will

WOW. What a day. What 2 days. Last night the Lord gave me a dream as I had asked. It gave me the direction on what to do. But the reaction and response was never shown. Step in to faith. That is what I did. WHOA. I can't give details but wow. I just lived in God working. Though it felt more like I lived through it. It looked very bad.. but I kept plowing forward in faith. God is good. All the time! Don't underestimate Him!!

Actually this whole week has been interesting and brutal. From sharing the Gospel in the beginning of the week to my bird dying. Now this. The whole Potter analogy. I definately feel like a big blob of mud.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


5,388 youths are arrested.
4,219 teenagers get a sexually transmitted disease.
2,861 teens drop out of school.
1,377 teenagers become mothers.
1,106 teenage girls get an abortion.
1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol.
500 adolescents begin using drugs.
420 children are arrested for drug use.
6 teens commit suicide

One nation under God

70 % of all Americas
proclaim to be Christians

1 out of 2 marriages
end in divorce

Over 680 a day

In our Christian nation

95 people die a day from
alcohol poisoning

270 a day from
drunk driving

1200 people die a day
from smoking

300 a day from drug

In our Christian nation

5200 crimes are committed
every day

Over 1100 people
are murdered


Suicide is the second
leading cause of death
among teenagers

An average of 5 teenagers
commit suicide everyday

Abortion kills over 4000
babies a day

In our Christian nation

550 people are raped

1 out of 4 teenagers
has a sexually transmitted

8000 are diagnosed with a
STD everyday

But we blame that on the
porn industry right?

Leading entertainment
industry in America
10 billion dollars spent a
year on pornography

27 million dollars a day!

In our Christian nation

Under God

You don't think that 70%
had anything to do with it?

No, they're all Christians

They would never do
anything like that

Do you know what a
Christian is?

Well 70% of you do right?

You ask someone
what a Christian is
and they tell you

It's someone that
goes to church, reads the
Bible and prays

The Bible says that is you
are a Christian you should
live like Jesus did

Did Jesus go home after
church and watch

Did He listen to Snoop Dog
on His mp3 player?

Did He text message
people on His sidekick 2
during service?

Did He go to youth group
on Wednesday night and
gather up His friends
"Hey, there's going to be a
party at my place Friday
night, it's going to be

Jesus never would have
done any of those things

And yet alot of the
people who proclaim
to be Christians do

The word Christian was
made for the people who
followed Christ's example

Is the immorality in our
nation an example of how
Jesus lived?

So when you ask yourself
Am I a Christian?

You should ask yourself

Do I follow Christ's

Do I live like Jesus did?

Christianity is not a label
It's a lifestyle

92% of Christians are not
ever truly "born again"

John 3:3 I tell you the truth,
unless you are born again,
you cannot see the
Kingdom of God