Monday, November 26, 2007

Just picked up a great movie at Wally World!!

"Flywheel" --- It is the first movie by the church that made "Facing the Giants". I would definately recommend both movies. They will have you laughing, crying and contemplating your life in Christ. Or I pray where you are at if you haven't fully realized the power of Christ and haven't committed your life to Him yet.

Flywheel is amazing and God totally works those ways. It's about a dishonest used car dealer and his struggles without Christ. He was trying to 'be the man' and live life for himself. Then after everything came tumbling down he surrendered control of his life to Christ. His life still continued to tumble but he stood firm and God rewarded him. There are some great twists in the movie. The production quality isn't quite as good as in "Facing the Giants" but soon after the movie begins you forget about that because you are intent on what is happening.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What if you were a liar, then what???

So how do you move in to the place where you avoid the things that you will later be convicted of and hand over to Christ. Things that will hurt you or someone else while you are learning the lesson or making the realization??? I have no grand thoughts on this one at the moment. Little as it may be in the grand scheme of things I just did something stupid. Someone else semi-indirectly suffered because of it. Someone that looks up to you. I find this timing extremely interesting btw. So you apologize, look deep in your life and hand this newly discovered part of your flesh over to Christ. But my question is how can we avoid this COMPLETELY??? I'm not just a human. Something bigger is in control of me so I refuse to use that as an 'excuse'.

Or through this even though someone else suffered, maybe how you react in Christ will grow and strengthen them in their walk as well. We are told to count the cost before we pick up our cross to follow Him.

Any thoughts to be shared??