Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is the attitude that is destroying our country...

As a part Jew and a casual student of Jewish history... I would love to go have an interaction with that dude.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyday opportunities

So it's been entirely too long since I have blogged. I have tons of thoughts rolling around in my head that I'm going to try and start sharing.

Now back to this spring and my promised story.

I was in the Chicago airport killing time till my next flight. So I stop at Chili's to get something to eat. As I'm standing in line, waiting to be seated two women come up behind me. We say hi to each other and a conversation starts. Where we are from. Where we are going or where we have been. They are from Michigan and are heading to Europe. Their name's are Ellen and Jan. Ellen appears to be in her 50's and Jan is in her 60's. In an instant I know they are a lesbian couple. So when the hostess comes to seat me and asks how many, I turn to them and ask if they want to sit together. Ellen thinks it's a great idea, so we do.

Over the next 45 minutes we talk and dine together. Ellen is very talkative asking me lots of questions. Jan on the other seems to be very tentative. It's interesting because later in our time together Ellen makes mention of that. Seems that Jan is normally the more talkative one. I have my "Good News" and "Pray for China" bracelets on... which I catch Ellen looking at several times. Also I'm wearing my necklace that is a Christian fish made of thorns and a spike in the shape of a cross. To top it all off I'm wearing my pornography shirt. It has the phonetic pronunciation of pornography on the front. Then says "Noun/ 1. Selfish lewd imagery that distorts reality and pollutes the mind. 2. The destruction of ones moral character for the self-serving degrading of someones daughter." At the end I have added "or son".

During conversation our love for travel is discussed so this opens the door for telling them about my trip to Guatemala and taking the youth group to Canada. Once again, Ellen is the one showing interest.

So our time comes to a close. The whole while I have been praying in my head for the Lord to open the door so I can let them know I am a Christian. They may have figured it out themselves but I want them to know. So we stand up and for some reason Jan is lingering by the table. So Ellen and I are at the exit alone. As I head off we say goodbye, then I smile at Ellen and say, "God Bless".... smile and walk away.


Dear Father, I pray that where ever these two are now that you will bring more Christians into their lives that love You with all of their heart. Christians that know the Truth about homosexuality and are willing to reach out to these lost and hurting people. They are broken people normally from childhood. Abuse, neglect and bad family situations. May we as Christians recognize their legitimate needs that they are trying to fill with something other than Your love. May they know that we are Christians by our love. In Jesus' name. AMEN.