Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing the Ministry Team Calendar!!


Shortly my January prayer letter from CVM will be distributed. At the bottom it says mentions a calendar being developed.

Well, this calendar is now available. If you are a current monthly financial ministry partner, you should be receiving it in the mail shortly. If you have been contributing monthly but not through an Electronic Funds Transfer, please contact me so I don't miss sending you yours.

I have compiled a brief video with the slides of the calendar so you know what you are expecting...  Enjoy!

If you plan on becoming a monthly financial ministry supporter, there is no time like the present, please contact me so I can get this calendar out to you!! 66.44% of my budget is needed yet in commitments for me to reach 100% and for CVM to allow me to move to my hut that waiting for me 7,700 miles from where I'm typing this email.

Divide this amount by $50 and it's only 60 people!! Or by $20 it's only 150 people!! (or $100 only 30 people :-O  ) This letter reaches a lot more than that. So many hands will make light work! If you think your church or friends might be interested in learning more about veterinary based mission work, please put me in contact with them. Or civic groups. Or Student groups. With networking we can do amazing things!! All monthly support until I move goes to my one time needs which 47.53% of that has been committed!! So all that is left to raise is the $20k for my sturdy truck!!

If for some reason you would like to be a monthly financial supporter and NOT receive the calendar, please let me know as well.

Please keep me in prayer as I fly out to Colorado Springs in less than 2 weeks for my training at Mission Training International. I'll be back in Wisconsin in February.

Happy New Year!!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Proud Grandma!

My grandma was excited to show me her new wall display. The local newspaper (Marion Advertiser) ran a feature length article in their Christmas edition on my time in Uganda and my plans to move there! 2,500+ people had a chance to read this! Grandma has it laminated on her dining room wall now!

Also, being released within the week, a 24 month calendar for all of the monthly financial ministry partners of Imperishable Seed! It features pictures of life in Karamoja that I took while I was there this summer, inspirational Bible verses, interesting facts about Uganda and Karamoja, US and Ugandan holidays, and CVM Uganda Staff birthdays and anniversaries. Watch for more details shortly! Sign up for you monthly ministry support today to make sure you get it at the beginning of the year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Progress Update

                                                               Click on the photo to enlarge

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the winner is...

... Trudy from Texas! I recorded the drawing live... and then had a little extra fun with the video :-D

Watch the video here

Thank you to everyone who started their monthly financial support during the month of November. If you are thinking about support but want to know more, please let me know. I would be happy to answer all of your questions about the work God is doing in Karamoja.

I had a ministry partner this past week tell me how they are challenging others to start their support to. They are asking them to consider how much that cappuccino at the local coffee shop is ($3.55 for a small here). Then they want to ask, "If you saw Emily in the coffee shop, would you buy her something to drink?". Well, instead of buying coffee you could send that monthly to support sharing the Gospel overseas! When they were telling me this, I thought is was a great idea. It also piqued my curiosity and I Googled an interesting statistic. On average Americans spend $1,092 a year on coffee.

Please pray as next week I'm having surgery to have a cyst taken off of my tendon on my left ring finger. It hadn't bothered me here in the States but it did while I was in Africa. Carrying the heavy containers of water from the bore hole seemed to be slightly more aggravating than turning the faucet handle, go figure. So it's is coming off so I won't have to worry about it causing me trouble when I move.

Currently I'm working on an exciting project with a friend of mine that utilizes some of the great images I managed to capture during my time in Karamoja. It is going to be a calendar that will be for my ministry partners. current and future. There will be more details coming out shortly. But I have attached the picture that has inspired this idea. It's going to be a calendar filled with amazing sunsets, mountains, animals, etc (I promise no gross photos). Plus, there will be a corresponding inspirational verse for each month. If our design program allows, we are also hoping to add some interesting facts about Uganda, Karamoja, CVM, CLIDE etc. It will include the US and Ugandan holidays. Please pray that everything comes together quickly so we can get this out before Christmas. Please watch for more details coming soon!! God Bless you!

I had a chance to speak to a Bible study group yesterday and a church small group today. I just LOVE sharing with people how amazing God is and how He is using veterinary medicine to share His love with others.