Friday, September 14, 2007

God knows what the ending is so what’s the point? Or is there One!

So you follow God's will a month and a half previously by canceling plans. At the time it looks like you just chose to take some enjoyment out of life. You don't know why, but you choose trust God. So then you move on in life and your plans are different later on because you had changed your plans. In those changed plans things occur. Brutal things. But you follow God in them. He reveals Himself as the Heavenly Father that is COMPLETELY trustworthy. Will never leave you or place you where you will be destroyed. If He tells you to do something then it is for the best. It's completely brutal... but in these events lives are being changed. Yours and others around you. Lives being changed for God's glory.

So we are creatures that God gave free will to. What would have happened a month and a half ago if God hadn't been listened too?? Who knows. I don't want to know.

So you may have heard. Well God knows the final outcome anyways (because He knows everything)... so what's the point of caring or trying?? Well are you God?? Do you know the outcome?? So you can carry on in your freewill and God knowing the outcome shouldn't change your actions. Right?? <---- This is the best way I had ever heard this put. Thanks to someone in my Wednesday night Bible Study. I probably explained it in such a way right now that the majority of the population still won't get it. But to my mind... it totally makes sense. Yes, God knows how things will ultimately turn out. But He doesn't make us do anything if we don't want to. Humans don't have to yield to the Father's will.

WHY NOT?? These last 3 weeks especially have been brutal. Work has been crazy (7.25hrs OT just last week) then life has been insane. Just a million things going on... deep things that cause the gears in my brain to start to smoke. BUT... I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not even the canceled event a month and a half ago.

God's way is better....

...Will you choose it too?????