Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3rd Update

June 3rd Update

So in my May update I mentioned a story that I couldn’t share. Well now I can J  On the way back from my training in Virginia I ended up sleeping in the back of my SUV in a parking lot of Walmart somewhere in Ohio. I still have no clue what the name of the town was. I do know that I woke up at 2am after falling asleep three hours before. I had been praying for hours while I was driving about which of the current six possibilities (countries) the Lord wants me to serve. This was after taking the step of sending in my application for long term service with CVM. My phone timer woke me up to a song with the lyrics “The reason we live is to give God the glory - The reason we live is to give it all to God”. Moments later I check Facebook on my phone and see a comment posted three minutes earlier from the very Dr. that I had last been thinking and praying about (we never before interacted on Facebook other than my adding her to my friend list about 6 months ago). I had instant clarity and peace about pursuing this specific area. Now for those that know me well, you will know clarity isn’t my forte 20 minutes after I wake up, let alone 2 minutes after I wake up. But it’s in those moments that God speaks to me. I know that it is Him because it’s so opposite of my flesh. Plus, it’s always true.

In the weeks since I have continued to pray as I learn more about this opportunity. I have had a chance to talk on the phone to this Doctor, Dr. Val Shean, before she finished her furlough here in the States and headed back overseas where she has been serving for 20 years. It was an amazing and confirming conversation. Dr. Val has been praying for a vet tech to assist with their program for 8 years.

So after talking to her and Dr. Fred Van Gorkom (CVM Regional Director, Africa) it was decided that the next step would be a vision trip. This will be to actually spend time in this region that I am praying about serving in full time.

Last weekend God provided financially the entire amount I needed for my roundtrip airfare ($1,500). So I have stepped out in faith and purchased my airfare, trusting Him for the rest of my provisions.

 I’m heading to Africa, July 28th-September 7th! I will be in north-eastern Uganda in the Karamoja region. This timing was planned so I can be there long enough to get immersed in things. I will also be there during a short term trip (August  8-23) whose focus is the work that I would be doing. The in-country organization, CLIDE (Community Livestock Integrated Development Consultancy), is doing research on herbal ethnoveterinary medicines. God has placed so many helpful things in our environment; we just need to know what to do with it. CLIDE is working with the locals, learning what plants they have traditionally used. They in turn do scientific research to learn what really works. So this requires observation, sample collection etc. One example of such a plant is one that increases milk production in mammals. This is vital in an area where resources are limited. But what is the active ingredient? Can it be reproduced? Can it be preserved or is it only effective in the fresh form? There are a plethora of other activities in Uganda that my other skills will be useful for as well, but this appears to be the main area of focus.

June 16th I fly out to Seattle for a week for some more CVM training. This is called Training of Trainers and the focus is to learn participatory learning methodology.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support! If I haven’t had a chance to talk to you one on one yet, please contact me and we can set something up!    

                  In Christ, Emily                                I Timothy 4:12

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“Dr. Valery Shean”

My educated estimates of expenses that are yet to be covered for my vision trip to Uganda are:
Vaccinations- $500
In country Mission Aviation Shuttle Flights- $250
Baggage fees- $50-$75
Two nights in Entebbe- ?
5 weeks in country expenses - ~$2300