Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video: A good road in Karamoja

This is a typical road that we were traveling on. This one was slightly narrower than some.. but also smoother than some!!

Video: Muddy Roads in Karamoja, Uganda

This was a video taken after we passed the worst part of the road. So this was more just a giant mud puddle. Though in these giant mud puddles, there can be holes hidden that will take your vehicle down to the axle.... or worse.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imperishable Seed featured in a Ministry Showcase!

I'm excited to share a ministry showcase that I have been featured on. This is a friend of mine who is also obeying the long term missions call! He is an engineer using his technical skills for God's glory!

Check it out!!

The blog starts out.....

"This week I will be doing a showcase of my friend Emily Arndt's newly launched ministry: Imperishable Seed.  Emily has applied to and just became a long term missionary for Christian Veterinary Missions (CVM) in the Karamoja region of Uganda.  I have been in contact with her since the beginning of this year and we have talked up great things about going into His service... so it is my honor to be given the opportunity to showcase her technological choices.  I also take no credit for any of her choices... I'm sure I might have inspired maybe a few choices but she needed little help with her ministry as she was making smart choices already.”

Monday, September 24, 2012


Take 40 minutes!! It's a great sermon!! It was given by the head youth leader at the church I attend. He has discipled me for 10 years. This sermon was delivered when I was over in Uganda for 6 weeks this summer. I'm glad that I was given a copy of it!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How can I become a ministry partner?

I'm having a lot of people contact me about being a ministry partner, which is awesome. But I still need ALOT more. Contacting me is definitely the best thing if you have interest. This way we can talk and I can answer all of your questions. But maybe we have talked already or you don't have any questions and just know this is the team that you want to be a part of. Also I will be happy to share the financial needs of this ministry.

The first thing you can do is pray. This is sooooo vitally important as CVM, CLIDE and myself want to be completely in God's will in everything that we do.

The second thing you can do is partner financially. Obviously not everyone is called to overseas missions, so those who remain home use their God given gifts and abilities to make money, not only to provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their family. But also to send out missionaries to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us are called to go and make disciples by Matthew 28:19. We all just have a different role to play. I just get to be the lucky one to live with bugs, no electricity, no running water, no paved roads etc :-)

The timeline is to have the large majority of my needed funds raised by the end of the year. Then go to my last 5 weeks of training out in Colorado in January. I will then finish raising any additional needed support (I need both reliable monthly support and one time support for my vehicle, computer, training and moving). The plan is to have me moved over there by May '13. I will then be settled in by time the short term mission teams start arriving in June or July.

All donations are made through my CVM Project Name "Imperishable Seed". My account number is  UCVFWDEARN.

You call or email Dr. Vicki VanGorkom at CVM directly. 206-546-7574

You can make all checks payable to and mail to: Christian Veterinary Mission        19303 Fremont Ave N.           Seattle, WA 98133

You can also complete and mail in this EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer):  Because I'm so newly approved, this form is not updated yet. But just write "Emily Arndt" and "UCVFWDEARN" for the fund designation.

Below is the detailed giving options form that will be going out with my first prayer letter.

Financial Giving Options

HOW DO I GIVE? Along with the Prayer Letter is a response slip which you can complete and return with your donation. You may prefer to give an initial gift or a recurring gift to help support this project, and any gift size is appreciated.

HOW DO I MAKE A RECURRING GIFT? Recurring gifts can easily and quickly be made via your credit card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) by contacting our office at 206.546.7574 or and completing the appropriate form. This form must be returned to our office with a voided check to start the EFT.

WHO OR WHAT AM I GIVING TO? For IRS tax deductibility purposes, charitable contributions cannot be given to a specific individual; only to projects or organizations. Each missionary’s Project Name is listed at the top of the prayer letter and all funds designated to this project are available for use by the missionary in their support and ministry according to the policies of the organization. These policies are in place to protect the intent of your donation and to insure that project funds are used in accordance to the mission of the organization. You may also note the fine print on the bottom of the prayer letters – “Contributions are solicited with the understanding…donee organization has complete discretion and control …”Again, the IRS regulation states that if you donate money and maintain control over how it is spent, then legally it is not tax deductible. However, when you donate to CVM and designate it to a project, your gift designation is honored and reported to that missionary and is managed according to the policies established by the organization. CVM makes notation of gifts given to a project and those funds go into the missionary’s Reserve Account.

HOW IS THE MONEY USED? What portion of my donations is taken up by administrative costs at CVM? The answer to that question is that as your fieldworker begins to have expenses, 17% is charged to provide funds to ensure you receive the prayer letter, to provide accounting and audit support to ensure the tax deduction of your gift, and to provide professional support to help encourage, train, and equip your fieldworker for on going ministry. CVM staff are known for the excellent technical and ministry support and member care which they provide for their long-term veterinary missionaries. This overhead supports that care and communication. Other related administration costs in CVM are covered by a group of supporters, many of whom are veterinarians, who give specifically to our Send-A-Vet fund that covers additional administrative and marketing costs of the Seattle office. If you have additional questions, please contact the CVM home office and speak with Dr. Kit Flowers or Dr.Vicki Van Gorkom.

CAN I RECEIVE THE MISSIONARY PRAYER LETTER VIA EMAIL? Yes, you may choose to receive the missionary’s monthly prayer letter via regular mail or electronically. Please indicate that on the response slip where it asks for your email address.

PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE AND MAIL TO: Christian Veterinary Mission  19303 Fremont Ave N.Seattle, WA 98133

Christian Veterinary Mission19303 Fremont Ave N. Seattle, WA 98133 (206) 546-7569

Can you tell me more about the Christian Veterinary Mission?


Christ’s love expressed through veterinary medicine


CVM’s mission is to challenge, empower, and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith.  CVM also provides education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building, and modeling Christ’s love.


Christ-Centered : All activities have the primary purpose of proclaiming, modeling and glorifying our Lord, Jesus Christ as Savior to our world.

Relationship and Partnership: We seek partnerships based on shared values, which empower all members toward building sustainable ministry.

Integrity and Accountability : We will responsibly use and manage all of the human, natural, and financial resources of our own organization and strive to build this strength in all of our relationships.

Servant Leadership/Service: We will model the servant heart of Christ through motivating, mentoring, discipling, empowering, and communicating with others within our organization, our partners and to those whom we serve.

Training that Sustains : CVM promotes participatory training through which individuals work to identify their training needs and are empowered to ongoing physical and spiritual growth in their relationships with God, themselves, their families, and their communities.

Veterinary Focus : The skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine are used to transform lives.

Equitable Participation : CVM desires to work with all individuals who desire to be involved by encouraging their full commitment, recognizing their gifts and abilities, and seeking the most appropriate application of their skills to the Lord's work through CVM.

Transformation through Holistic Sustainable Development : The goal of our work is the transformation of individuals, groups, and communities through balanced ministry to spiritual, physical, mental, social, and ecological needs.

So who is this CLIDE that you will be working with/for in Uganda?

So a common question that I am receiving is regarding the organization that I will be working with in Uganda. To best answer all of these questions I am posting the description as it is written in their orientation guide. It covers most everything and will save me time in typing out something new.

CLIDE Ministries and Work
Our Development Philosophy  
CLIDE Consultancy and CVM seek to empower local peoples to accept responsibility for their own development.  As we partner together with communities, we strive to work alongside them to encourage and promote the vision that they develop for their future.  Often, it would be much easier for us as outsiders, to go ahead and do everything for the people, providing all of the funds, materials and energy for success of the program.  This ultimately, is a degrading process however, which can lead to an unnecessary and unhealthy dependency syndrome within the community.  Some preventative measures will help decrease the chance of this occurring:

¨      Sustainability of Inputs.  All medications and equipment used in the community training should be the ones which are available in the host country such that the community members could purchase them in the future, when our ministry or training is completed.
¨      Financial Sustainability.  Some fee for veterinary treatments may be charged in order to maintain reciprocity with the community.  It can be subsidized a bit to encourage an adequate caseload for seminars.  To avoid disappointment later, the community members should be made aware that the prices are not the normal ones, but have been reduced for the training period.
¨      Cultural Respect.  Ethno-veterinary treatments are valuable as they help the community to be more self-reliant.  Utilizing the local medicines also shows the community that we respect them as we acknowledge their traditional contributions to the animal health profession.
¨      Respecting Protocol.  Local government and private veterinary personnel are usually invited to our seminars and given opportunity to share their viewpoints and interact with the members.  Community members should be encouraged to utilize government services whenever necessary.
¨      Participatory Training.  When we train community members, we always use techniques that can encourage the locals to contribute their ideas, as they often know things that we don’t even know!  Some of these techniques include:
                Role Plays followed by question and answer
                Games with meaning
                Reflection questions (See, Reflect, Apply)
                Focus Group Discussions
¨      Develop the Capacity of the Communities.  Teaching someone to do something is much more valuable than doing it ourselves.  Visiting vets and students can encourage the community members to do animal health treatments or other activities together with them during their ministry time.
¨      Minimize Dependency in the Communities.  Visitors should refrain from giving random gifts to community members and children (small toys, pens, money, etc. are NOT necessary for making friendships).
¨      Interdependent Relationships.  We encourage relationships with the local people.  Quality relationships are those that are reciprocal, not just one way.  It is good to allow your local friends to assist you in various tasks, such that they feel valued and useful.  Allow your needs to be made known, so that they can volunteer to help you as they are able.  Some gift can be given to them at the end of the week, in appreciation for the friendship and hospitality.  The field personnel should discuss which gifts would be most appropriate and all visitors should agree to a similar standard.
Our Mission
CLIDE Consultancy’s mission is “To Empower Community Groups, Churches and Organizations For Sustainable Socio – Economic Transformation and Wholistic Healing Through an Integrated Livestock Development Approach”.

This Mission has several Key Phrases which define us and indicate the purposes for which we have created this Organisation:
  1. Empowering Community Groups, Churches and Orgaisations – As Consultants, we see our ministry focused on others.  We exist to empower them to be all that the Lord has for them.  We agree with the idea of John the Baptist, we will decrease, that they may increase.  As we assist them to stand stronger, by building their capacity, their resources and their confidence, we hope that they are then enabled to move to a new level of organizational growth and productivity.  These groups and organizations can include Community Associations, CBOs, NGOs, churches, Christian Ministries, etc.
  2. For Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation -  Working with the poor and vulnerable, we strive for sustainable impact in the lives of those we work with.  We focus our efforts on helping others to overcome psychological dependency, poverty and lack of skills such that they can grow towards living sustainable livelihoods and producing sustainable results.
  3. Wholistic Healing.  We believe in dealing with the whole person, not just looking at their physical needs, but also understanding their spiritual, psychological, educational, social and economic needs, as they are all inter-related.  As an evangelistic Christ-Centred organization, we will also endeavor to point people to Christ through our ministries and personal lives.  We believe that this can have the biggest impact in transforming lives of those in the Community Groups and Organisations we serve.
  4. Through an Integrated Livestock Development Approach – We have seen over time that livestock are a vital element in the lives of the rural poor, providing a source of food as well as income, social status, traction, hides and skins and transport.  Because of this vital role, we seek to use livestock as the entry point for our development interventions.

Our Core Values:
As Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we feel drawn to express our faith in our actions and in how we work out our ministries.   The following values that we follow, which are the core foundation to our Team:
  1. Long Term Relationships.  We desire to encourage one another and stimulate one another to love and good works through our relationships with each other and our beneficiaries.
  2. Spiritual Values.  As a Christian NGO, dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus, we strive to demonstrate lives of worship and love in our relationships with one another, as well as with the communities and various groups, NGOs and Government workers.  Christ is the centre of our Team and the Bible is our guide in ministry.
  3. Poverty Reduction.  We follow Biblical mandate to care for the poor and needy. 
  4. Capacity Building.  We believe that the poor and needy will benefit the most through capacity building to give them greater opportunities for life change.  We also believe that in order to provide quality services, we ourselves must develop our capacities as well.
  5. Integrity and Accountability.  We desire to demonstrate holiness and righteousness in the ways that we do our finances and accountability.
  6. Quality Work.   In all of our staffing and ministries we desire to strive to maintain high professional standards while ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability in the general running of the organisation.
  7. Veterinary Focus.  We use our veterinary skills as a entry point to development
  8. Partnership.  We are consultants who desire to build up our partners and collegues.
  9. Social Transformation.  We understand that at the heart of development is the need for a transformational movement which creates new paradigms for life and living.
  10. Team Spirit.  We consider ourselves one body and strive to honour, support and encourage each part.
  11. Indigenous Knowledge.  We believe that all people have valuable and valid knowledge and wisdom which can be used as a strong foundation on which to build their future development. 

Our Ministries:
Based on these Values, we have developed many different ministries as a Team.
  1. 1.        Livestock Programmes
    1. Training of Livestock Keepers and CAHWs (Community Animal Health Workers)
    2. Provision of Livestock Revolving Loans to OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) and other Vulnerable Families and Widows
    3. Networking with UCVM and Makerere University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in continuing veterinary education programmes
    4. Training, Research and Development of Ethno-Veterinary Medicines
    5. Agro-Forestry for herbal veterinary medicines
  2. 2.      Children’s Programmes
a.Sponsorships for School Children
  1. Semi-Annual Spiritual Retreats for Sponsored Children
  2. c.     Bible Clubs in schools
  3. Agriculture and Livestock Clubs and Projects in Schools
  4. 3.      Peace Programmes
    1. Peace Building between Warring Tribes
    2. Medical Ministries in Peace Villages
    3. Water Projects in Peace Villages
    4. Agricultural Projects in Peace Villages
  5. 4.      Spiritual Programmes
    1. Evangelistic Outreaches
    2. Development of Discipleship materials
    3. Discipleship training and empowerment
  6. 5.      HIV/AIDS Education Programmes
    1. Training in HIV/AIDS
    2. Support for HIV/AIDS effected families
  7. 6.      Micro-Enterprise Development
    1. Crafts
    2. Leather tanning
  8. 7.       Disaster Relief and Food for Work

We welcome visitors to assist with any of these ministries and have seen excellent outcomes from joining our hearts together in these outreaches

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What possessed you to decide to move to Africa?

So I'm moving to Africa.

How on earth did that happen? 

That's a pretty good question that I have been pondering myself as well recently. I mean, what American decides to leave electricity, stable income, running water, clean water, a big house, smooth roads, air conditioning, endless varieties of food, endless supplies of food, CHEESE, automatic clothes washers, refrigeration, fast internet, friends, family.... well the list could go on. Don't forget the lack of disease and parasites.

One major turning point was April 3rd, 2002 when I told God that I was sick of trying to run my life myself. I knew I couldn't be good enough on my own. In fact, my life was pretty messed up and full of sin. So I accepted the free gift of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and began my new life as a child of God. So from there I began pursuing God and learning more and more about Him. Just like any relationship, you need to invest time in to it for it to grow and strengthen.

As God began taking the junk out of my life, He began putting good stuff in. From Bible Studies to mentors. Then I started getting involved in church ministries. Not out of duty or obligation, but because I wanted to share this Good News and Hope with others. Over time I have been involved with the Youth Group, Children's Church, Prayer Ministry and even served as the church Financial Secretary for 3 years. But then what?

I believe it was in the summer of 2006 when I was out mowing lawn on the riding lawnmower when I heard God ask me, "If someone asked you to go to India, would you?" It wasn't an audible voice, but I knew that it was God. Within a week a friend of mine asked me out of the blue if I would ever consider going to India on a mission trip. That trip has never developed due to their spouse's failing health. BUT… the seeds were planted.

Then in November of 2006 I was out deer hunting and I was having a conversation with God. I told Him that my life was His completely and I would follow where ever He leads. I said that to show my commitment to Him I wouldn't shoot anything that came by within the next 10 minutes. Well, I’m sure you can guess the next part. So 3 deer come within 40 yards of my stand. 2 bucks and a doe. They stop RIGHT in front of me…. and the bucks fight each other. It was absolutely amazing to watch. Then 8 minutes after I had first looked at my watch, they left. 

Missions has just been on my heart more and more ever since. I can’t get enough of listening to missionaries talk. Reading books they have written. From the happy ones to the ones filled with tales of captivity, torture and martyrdom. 

But how do you really know you have been called to missions if you haven't served in missions before? Well, I went on a month long trip to Guatemala in 2009. Then again in 2010. During that trip we also spent some time in Honduras. Then I took two shorter trips to Guatemala. One in June of 2011 and the last one December of 2011. Each trip to Guatemala concretes this within me. Some of my close friends began to act more surprised every time I returned to the States.

So I researched about a dozen mission organizations. I was pretty convinced that I wanted to serve with the Christian Veterinary Mission, even to the point of pursuing and taking the Veterinary Technician National Exam to receive my certification. At the party to celebrate this accomplishment, I even had people give their financial gifts to CVM instead of accepting them myself. 

But what if there was a better organization for me. So I looked at YWAM, Wycliffe, SIM, AIM, World Race, World Team, Reach Global, Global Frontier Missions, New Tribes Missions, Pioneers and several others. After each email or phone call with a representative I was always drawn back to CVM. Not just because of their veterinary focus, but because they seemed to touch on every level of missionary preparation, support and care. Other organizations always seemed to be missing one small part or another.

So I pursued service with them. Many of you are aware of this part of the journey. From going to Kansas City last year to attend their long term missions introduction/training to heading off on the road trip to Virginia this spring to sharpen my livestock skills with the FARM course. Then off to Seattle this past June for the Training of Trainers. Plus, going through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement last winter.

Now I have returned from Uganda and I'm praying daily to accept God's timing on when I return. If it were up to me I would have jumped back on the plane yesterday. But there are still a few more things to do in the process. One of which is raising up my ministry support team. Both prayer and financial. At the time of writing this, my account is still being set up by CVM. So if the Lord is leading you to make a contribution, contact me and I will let you know as soon as it's activated!

I will be taking another online class this winter. A survey of the Old and New Testament plus maybe a basic Theology course for fun. When my financial support is just about raised, I will head off to Colorado Springs for 5 weeks for the Mission Training International's courses that prepare missionaries to better learn a new language and a new culture.

Even though the rest of this process has taken years, we (myself and my new team members in Uganda) are really praying that God provides by May 2013. Then there would be a "Research Assistant" to assist with the short term shuttle groups of vets, vet techs, vet students and others that come throughout the summer.

But realistically, this could all happen very quickly. With my monthly needs, it would only take 365 of my closest friends committing to be ministry partners for one day of the year. To partner for that one day, they would commit to a monthly contribution of $12.65 a month. It costs more to go to a movie by yourself. And that's even choosing between popcorn or a soft drink. Getting both would cost more. So as soon as my account is set up, I will let you know!!! Oh wait, I said that already :-P

If you have more questions or comments. Feel free to leave a comment, email, call, Facebook, snail mail, text message, smoke signals....I WILL REPLY!!!! I have enjoyed connecting with friends I haven't talked to in awhile... and meeting new friends as well!

Friday, September 14, 2012

So now what.....

So I figure blogging a little bit more will be helpful. I have been living at my computer since I arrived home, so what's 10 more minutes?

Besides, some people are wondering what I am up to now.

At the end of my trip to Africa, I learned that I was an officially approved Long Term Field Worker candidate with CVM!! The fun story of the moment I learned that will actually be part of my first official CVM distributed prayer letter. Yesterday while doing projects outside I finally was inspired as to what to say in that letter. So other than some final editing, it's almost ready to submit to CVM. I don't know why, but it was a bit stressful to write that. Why? I don't know. I'm no stranger to writing. In this blog alone I have 108 posts for the world to see. Also, I have been sending out email updates since my first trip to Guatemala in Oct 2009. Who knows... the wonders of the mind.

Speaking of the wonders of the mind. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Packers/Bears game last night. I was one of the smiling faces handing out free stuff at the gates. My analytical, inquisitive mind never turns off, even during seemingly mundane tasks. I noticed while handing out the little free backpack, alot of people said thank you. In fact between 85 and 90 percent of them did. Yes, I counted and averaged.... hundreds of people.....'cause that's how I roll. I'm wondering if that would be true in all stadiums or just in the Midwest? We really are friendlier here compared to other parts of the States I have traveled to. I enjoyed the friendly, although brief, interactions. It reminded me of Uganda. Of course, right? But seriously (ok, not really), I think I should continue this theory at stadiums around the Nation.

So the reason I have been living at my computer is I have been working on the database that I have to submit to CVM with the contact information of the people to receive my prayer letters, prayer card and other information. It is a rather arduous task, but I'm nearing completion!! At least I won't have to do it again. I can just add people as they request to be added from here on out.

The other day I was actually looking through some of my past blogs over the years. What a journey it has been over the past 10 years. April 3, 2002 was the day I asked Jesus to be me Savior and Lord (in control) of my life. I had no clue of all of the amazing things God had planned for me. It's sooooo cool!!! As many of my friends have heard me say, who says Christians have no fun?! I mean, digging jiggers out of your feet at three in the morning.... how exciting is that? Or is it just me? But seriously, it's been a rough and bumpy road at times as well, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So I'm excited to see how God has written me in to His plan for the Karamojong in Uganda! I'm also excited to share in this with all of you!!

For my Heavenly Father's Purposes!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

August 27 Update

27 August 2012 - Greetings from Uganda!! I am thoroughly enjoying working with animals and veterinarians again. The quantity and quality of ‘gross’ things I have the opportunity to work on are much better here than in the stateside clinical setting. Watching the sun rise and set over the plains and various mountains, as we are out working amongst the livestock, offers no comparison to working inside a building. The vast array of stars overhead (including constellations I have never had the opportunity to see before), vibrant rainbows, storms rolling across the plains, and other displays of God’s wonder has me in continual awe.

I have honestly lost track of how long I have been here. If I don’t keep track of how long I’ve been here, I don’t have to think about how close I am to the time I have to fly back to the States, right? Six weeks is proving to be WAAAAY too short of a time to spend in a place you are falling in love with. But more importantly than loving it here, I have really been struck by how intricately God has been molding my entire life for this very moment and place.

From working with animals to changing flat tires to fearlessly hopping on a motorcycle to creatively fixing something out of nothing to cooking without a cookbook or measuring devices to fixing a generator recoil to living with no electricity or running water to…. well, so far there has been some experience in my life that has prepared me for everything I have faced out here. Plus, hearing about the other side of His years of preparations paving the way for me to come here has been humbling as well. Our Heavenly Father really does love us and weave our lives together with absolute loving perfection.

My continual prayer is that the Lord will reveal His love and heart for the Karamojong people. He is doing just that as I live here and make new friends. God is moving here. As Dr. Valery Shean (the Christian Veterinary Mission field worker that has been here for 20 years) discussed one night around the kerosene lamp, the harvest is ready, but the workers are few. This exact thing was told to me again today by another member of the CLIDE (Community Livestock Integrated Development) team. I’m honored and humbled to have been called as a worker to these amazing people. There is a solid local church in the larger villages but reaching out to the majority of people in the remote areas proves difficult. The cow being the most important thing to them makes our connection with veterinary medicine an invaluable tool.

Dr. Val is a great Godly woman with whom I’m honored to get to know as my boss and friend. At what point she becomes my boss permanently is still unknown. I have just met with Dr. Otim Moses, the CLIDE Team Leader and he is excited to have me become a member. Within the next day or two we hope to finalize my necessary paperwork here to email to the CVM home office for their tentative final approval before the Personnel Committee this coming Friday!! When I return home in September, Lord willing, I will begin my official deputation process. That is the fancy name for the time where a prayer and financial support base is built to facilitate the work that God is doing. Many have asked me how long this will take. I don’t know, only God does. It could be a matter of a few short months or years, but that depends on how quickly the financial requirements are met. I’m obviously praying for the former because once 100% of the needed support is raised, I will return to live here for as long as God desires!!  Every $10 a month will support this ministry for approximately (pending my final budget) one day out of the three hundred sixty-five in a year!! So as you can see, as with all things, many hands will make light and quick work!!

I want to thank all of you who have already partnered with what the Lord is doing through this ministry with your generous one time gifts and your commitment to continual monthly financial support. You can make a onetime gift or set up your monthly charitable contribution directly through CVM by calling 206-546-7574. I look forward to meeting with as many of you as I can when I return to share in more detail what God is doing and answering all of your questions.
The staff in the CLIDE office in Moroto is excited for me to join them and already have a room with a desk picked out for me! I’m still working on a photo for my prayer card that will be printed for future distribution. I personally think this photo of the warrior attacking me with his spear and the CLIDE member trying to defend me would be a great reminder for people to pray for me. But other’s told me it might not be the best idea. What do you think??

We just completed a two week ethnoveterinary medicine research project using Opuntia to increase milk production in cattle, sheep, and goats. This is what is known to most of us as Prickly Pear or Edapal in the local language. Right now I am in the middle of compiling the research data so we can graph the results to see which of our four formulations is most effective. From the traditional formulations most commonly used by the local herdsmen to our test variations that could easily be prepared and sold. This research is done in collaboration with the local Traditional Healers Association. They maintain the intellectual rights to these herbal medicines as CLIDE partners with them to produce a product that is modern and saleable.

This is a taste of what some of my tasks will be here as the CLIDE “Research Assistant”. Though there are many other ministry aspects to CLIDE with which the entire team assists as the needs arise. Several weeks ago I assisted at the spiritual retreat for their youth program, The Timothy Project. So I’m coming here with a job description but also knowing that God’s plan is the ultimate one that we must all follow. In my upcoming ‘official’ CVM prayer letters I will have a chance to share more of the details of CVM, CLIDE, life in Karamoja, more stories from my trip, and the ways in which God is working.

To God be the Glory,

Emily ‘Enakit’ Arndt, CVT

I Peter 1:22-25

July 11th update


 I recently returned from a 12 day trip to Seattle. Originally meant to be an 8 day trip from which I learned, even having a return airline ticket on a specific date is subject to change in God’s plan. The first week was spent at the CRISTA Miracle Ranch outside of Seattle for the Christian Veterinary Mission’s Training of Trainers. CRISTA is the parent ministry of CVM and several other national and international ministries.

There were 3 facilitators, an intern and 9 of us participants. It was an invaluable week of learning. Holding true to participatory methodology, we learned new skills and then immediately put them to use. Through the structure of the training as the week progressed, less of the ‘training’ was being done by the facilitators and more was being done by us participants. We each had also planned and presented a participatory lesson. I was stretched in many ways, but left with newfound skills and confidence that I know will be used even as soon as my upcoming trip to Uganda.

Even while we were still at camp we were using our growing skills outside of the planned lessons. The head camp wrangler now has the ability to identify parasitism in her sheep/goats and skills to properly deworm them. She also trimmed her goat’s hooves and despite her petite stature, handily caught and tipped a sheep. Sheep tipping is just what it sounds like. The sheep ends up sitting on it’s rump and is restrained for many necessary procedures.

We also participated in some of the camp’s offered activities. We went canoeing, horseback riding, roasted marshmallows and got reenergized by paintballing. The first several rounds were Savage Heathen Natives (boys) vs. The Missionaries (girls). Needless to say, bringing the Gospel by force was a losing endeavor.

Some of us also participated in the high ropes course. My climb 50’ up the side of a tree and the corresponding jump off of the small platform into midair provided great reflection. “Leap of Faith” is what this is appropriately called. You have to trust your ropes, climbing harness and belayer as you jump in to the abyss in front of you. This is a great picture of what our faith looks like. Francesca Battistelli says it very well in her song “I'm Letting Go”.

“My heart beats, standing on the edge
But my feet have finally left the ledge
Like an acrobat
There's no turning back

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace
The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone”

“I'm letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
I'm losing control
Of my destiny
It feels like I'm falling and that's
what it's like to believe
So I'm letting go

Giving in to your gravity
Knowing You are holding me
I'm not afraid”

So the CVM home office in Seattle requested that I stay a few extra days. Changing my airline ticket was much cheaper than another trip out to Seattle, so I agreed. I was able to complete a few more things on my journey to becoming an official long term fieldworker candidate for CVM. This included my psychological evaluation (I know, amazingly they are still sending me to Africa). So now, Lord willing, there is a chance that I will be approved by the personnel committee and ready to begin my deputation process even before I return from Africa!!

In those several days, I was also blessed to get to know the Seattle office staff by more than just names on emails. I can assure you, they are a great group of genuine people that love Jesus!

So the next stop is Uganda, Africa. I fly out of Chicago on July 28th and return on September 7th. Thanks for all of your support!!! Considering the short amount of time I have had to plan for this trip, I have had much of my financial needs supplied for already!!

I am still $1,200 short of my needs including the additional expenses of my extended stay in Seattle. So I would ask that you would prayerfully consider financial supporting what God is doing as I follow His leading to full time mission service.

For His Purposes,

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me —the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.-Acts 20:24

Donation details: You can make one time gifts or set up an EFT for monthly donations. For any donation questions you can ask me or call CVM directly at 206-546-7574. The lady pictured in the blue shirt (back row) will happily assist you.   My CVM account number is UCVSTM1522.
You can write them directly at: Christian Veterinary Mission, 19303 Fremont Ave N., Seattle, WA 98133
 You can also donate online by going to  > Donate / Ways to Give > Short Term Missions > "Click here to make a donation for an individual”  On the Donate to Short Term – Individuals page there is a box called Designation with a drop-down menu.  For designation please select "Other" (at the bottom of the list). A white box will appear, and please enter in my account number (UCVSTM1522) and write in my name, Emily Arndt - ST Missions.