Sunday, September 22, 2013

Deputation Questions

This is my September 2013 prayer letter. But people have found the information useful so I want to share it here too...

As I'm nearing the finish line on my Deputation some still wonder what "Deputation" means. The dictionary defines it as "the act of appointing a person or body of people to represent or act on behalf of others." We are all part of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and some of us GO while others SEND. I'm the person going to Uganda, but I'm there on behalf of many others. This Deputation process is people joining together and investing in one ‘deputy’ to go carry out the mission.

First, prayer is absolutely vital to what we do. There are people who have committed to daily prayer. Because the struggles of daily life, illness, spiritual darkness, and witch craft are still prevalent in this area, I wouldn't be moving there without prayer support. If you don't have one of my prayer cards yet, please contact myself or CVM. Feel free to ask for information on the other team members I'm serving with if you are interested in remembering them in prayer as well.

I still have many people asking me questions about financial support, so I'm dedicating this letter to answering the common questions. Please contact me or CVM with any other questions you have.

You can contact CVM by emailing or calling 206-546-7569(Pacific Time).

If I want to send in monthly support, when do I start?
I need to have all of my monthly support coming in before CVM allows me to move, so right now is perfect.

Does this mean I shouldn't send in my one-time gift?
Not at all! They are a great blessing! Think of those gifts as a Christmas bonus to be put away for an unexpected expense and monthly gifts as a reliable salary.

Where does your one-time and monthly support go that is coming in right now?
It is going in to my account to be used when I move. I need solar panels for my hut, a pick-up truck, airfare, and reserves for unexpected expenses.

What if I don't want to send in every month?
I have ministry partners that send in annually, twice a year, quarterly, or every other month. Also I have ministry partners who prefer to send in a check monthly. Please inform myself or CVM of your intent because otherwise it's difficult for us to tally as committed support.

How long do I have to commit to this?
Your commitment can be as long as you are willing and able to make it, but I ask potential ministry partners to prayerfully consider what they can sustain for at least my first three year term. Many have committed to financial support for as long as God has me in Africa.

Is there a minimum amount I have to give?
Currently I have a ministry partner committed to $4/mo and there is no minimum. When I'm out speaking, people think nothing of handing me a $20 bill. That would be $1.66/mo. I'm also regularly handed a $100 check which would equal $8.33/mo.

Can I keep getting these letters even if I have no intention of ever supporting you?
Yes! I would love to have you as part of this journey. Feel free to send me a note some time. I would love to hear from you.

What ways can I send in financial support?
Electronic Funds Transfer, Personal/Business Check, or any major Credit Card. If you use your Credit Card with a rewards program you will be supporting this ministry with a tax deductible gift AND adding to your Amazon rewards, Air Miles, or whatever other rewards your card offers.

Does all the money go into your account?
Yes. I'm the field staff managing "Imperishable Seed." It's set up this way for tax and accountability purposes.

How does the money in your account get used?
All gifts given to my account will be restricted by CVM to my fund.  As I begin to serve, I will begin to pay a 17% overhead charge on my expenses.  This 17 % then serves as a reserve in case my own funding drops below the budget or the funding drops for another one of the CVM fieldworkers. This is a great way we can serve together to support God’s work through CVM staff around the world. CVM raises where most needed funds from veterinarians and other friends to cover the administration costs of the organization. Anything raised in excess of my budget is kept in a designated reserve fund for my work.

Can my support come out of my account automatically so I don't have to remember to send it in?
Recurring gifts by automated transfer are actually preferred but not required.

Can I send you things in Africa?
YES! I will detail that more in a future letter, including an address.

When you move, are you going to keep sending these letters?
Yes, although about 6 months after I move they will be reduced to every other month. If you have an email address and would like to get the updates I hope to send out, besides these official letters, please contact myself or CVM with your email address.

Recently I had a ministry partner call CVM and raise their monthly support by $5. They also contacted me to issue this challenge. I sent it out in an email, but here it is for everyone who I don't yet have an email address for: "Will you join us by raising your amount by $5 a month so Emily can finish her support and get to Uganda to start doing what God has called her to do?"

As I'm writing this there is only $475 more in monthly financial commitments needed before I move. That's only 10 monthly commitments of $50. So hopefully the next letter can be detailing my transition as I prepare to move?!

Please pray as I continue with everything that is involved with moving to the other side of the world. I recently completed my Will, Power of Attorney Papers, and Medical Exam!! However, there is still plenty to do before I board the airplane.



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