Monday, September 23, 2013

Hut-hold set up

So my airfare is bought to move to Uganda December 1st. Now to figure out what I need to live over there.
My tax-deductible set up donations for my move to Uganda only apply to things I purchase specifically for ministry or things that will stay in Uganda if I move back be it 3 years or 30 years from now. Such as my pick-up truck, my solar panels, my table, chairs, bed, and propane refrigerator.
I contemplated a gift registry but I'm looking for very specific items. I need things that are reliable and durable since I can't go to Walmart to replace anything. Plus, to reduce my preparation stress I hope to get these items all together shortly so I can weigh them and figure out how and when they are going to come to Uganda with me.
I have had several people express interest in helping out with this. So I have set this up to make it easier as everyone is spread out all over the place. I guess I have never had a bridal shower or baby shower. So I guess this is sort of a hut warming party :-)
I need tools, kitchen items, light sources, spices, personal care items, and other life necessities. One non-life necessity i will be taking is a Green Bay Packer flag to hang inside my hut to remind me of Wisconsin. Besides, the outside of my hut is green and gold!! I estimate the cost to be around $2,000-$2,500. Also, fortunately some of the items I will be able to purchase in Uganda saving the expense of transporting things over there!

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